PRL - HYL Program Affiliation


As some of you know, while lacrosse is a spring sport, late summer is when most competitive youth clubs hold tryouts for their spring/summer teams. "Club teams" offer kids lacrosse after the HYL season, offering 10-15 practices and taking their selected teams to 3-5 tournaments in the early summer.  Historically about 25-50% of our Haven Youth Players have participated in club teams, and we believe clubs offer an excellent opportunity for our players who want to keep a stick in their hand longer and continue to develop their skills outside of what HYL can offer as a community program.

To that point, we want to bring you the best club opportunity that is based right here in our community  and dedicated to our Haven boys - Providence Road Lacrosse directed by Strath Haven High School Coach Jef Hewlings.  Below is a note from Coach which outlines his goals, and where your boy will start to fit into the PRL program (see 4th paragraph for details).

There are two attachments with this email: a PRL Fact Sheet, and a PRL Fall 2015 Schedule.  We hope this helps as you plan out your boy's schedule in the near term, and where we hope to see him in the long term enjoying lacrosse in our community.

June 25th 2015
Letter from Coach Hewlings:
It's never too early to share a schedule, in hopes that our guys will put these events and activities on their calendar for the fall 2015 season.
PRL (our out-of-season cub program) will again hold Saturday morning training beginning in September (all players are invited, grades 7-12, UNLESS you are involved in a WSSD fall sport), and our varsity team (including varsity hopefuls) will participate in 3 fall activities (Cabrini Sunday league, Brandywine Classic in October and Lehigh KOM tourney in November).  The attachment provided outlines our fall schedule.
SHHS will also host our fall laxfest in November, and all players will participate (we will have both a JV and a Varsity level team at this event).
PRL also has plans to expand to include a grade 7/8 and grade 5/6 club travel team in summer 2016, and to that end, we hope to have enough players to field a young guys team (not sure which level) at one of the 2015 fall tournaments as well (either Brandywine or Lehigh).
Please take note of the dates on the attachment provided and let us know of your plans to participate as soon as you know.  As always, if you have questions, don't hesitate to reach out via email or phone (610-737-3268).
The out-of-season efforts of our high school players, along with the schedule flexibility of our lax families, continues to show the willingness to make a commitment to excellence, and interest in our offseason program has grown in each of the 3 years since we started PRL in 2013.  Let's keep the momentum going as we continues to prepare for an exciting spring 2016 HS season.
Thanks to all,
Coach Hewlings
"Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire."